Enter the Best Business Awards

Fill out the form below to submit your application.

Step One

Select the category you wish to enter. You may enter a maximum of 5 categories but you must send individual entries for each category.

Step Two

Draft a written entry of up to 1000 words explaining why you should win. You may also send relevant supporting data & additional background info such as press cuttings, letters, reports etc. Entries may be submitted in pdf format.

Step Three

Upload your entry in PDF format below or email your entries to us by the deadline date for the next round. Pay securely online or by BACS or cheque.
Enter the Best Business Awards

Important entry information

  1. The entry fee for the Best Business Awards is £299 + VAT (£358.80) per category entered or just £249 + VAT (£298.80) per category when you enter 3 or more categories (maximum of 5).
  2. Upload your entries and supporting information in PDF format, or Email your entries and supporting information to entries@bestbusinessawards.co.uk. You can pay online via our secure form or by BACs or cheque. To pay by BACs or cheque simply email entries@bestbusinessawards.co.uk requesting an invoice which must be settled by BACs, IBAN or cheque by the entry deadline.
  3. Entry deadlines for each round are the last working day of January, April, July and October. Winners for each round will be announced approximately six weeks after the entry deadline date for that round. At that time winners will be eligible to purchase a Best Business Awards Marketing Pack consisting of a trophy, certificate and the right to use the winner’s logo on their website and other marketing materials. Please click here for more details.


Hints and tips when writing your entries

When reading an entry, the judges consider various elements that need to be included, so below are a few tips and hints to help you when writing yours. You do, of course, need to take in to account the category you are entering and only apply the points that are applicable to your case.

Explain how your business has demonstrated success by including the following:

  • Financial results
  • Customer benefits
  • Employee benefits
  • Community benefits
  • Investor benefits

Also, please try to:

  • Clearly state success measures and try not to leave any gaps in your data (i.e. don’t cherry pick which figures/stats you provide as the judges won’t have the full picture).
  • Explain how and why you identified a need for your product/service/change/initiative and what planning/development went in to it.
  • Highlight the market reaction e.g. press coverage, customer feedback, industry awards and anything else you may think is relevant.
  • Provide projections for future market share, distribution and sales volumes. As always, a clear strategic rationale and measurable results are key