Our most recent winners’ & Judges’ feedback

All winners can request feedback from the judges about why they won for use in press releases, marketing material, brochures, advertisements, on their website etc. This service is included in the entry fee so there is no additional cost. Here are a selection of comments for past winners:

Previous winners
Previous winners

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

Commenting on the Road and Transport Authority, Dubai, the winner in the Best Product/Service Range category, the chairman of the judges said :

“Congratulations to the Road and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai, for introducing a streamlined right of way permit application system via a centralised platform, that is part of the Dubai Smart City initiative. Those applying for permits, such as contractors, service providers and government agencies, can obtain them quickly and easily. Previously, the process was paper based, long-winded and complicated. The new platform speeds up the process, improves communication, ensures all applications comply with regulations and optimises road usage in Dubai.”

Previous winners

The Others Brand Experience Agency

Commenting on The Others Brand Experience Agency, the winner in the Best Communication category, the chairman of the judges said? :

“The Other Brand Experience Agency has created a knock-out cultural event for young people with its Fanta Fest 2023 carnival that was run in 10 cities across Turkey. During the event, aimed at promoting soft drink Fanta, participants enjoyed live music, snacks and fun. Promoted through the Daha Daha app, numbers attending was substantially higher than the year before and awareness topped 93% from 86%. Well done to The Other Brand Experience Agency for boosting sales, market share and awareness of Fanta.”